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Beginning with ‘The Image’ in How It Is when translating certain processes of digital language art

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Bibliothèque de l'Université Paris 8 (Saint-Denis, FRANCE)

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  • 2014

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Digital literature – literary or language-art work in digital, programmable media – is often intimately and explicitly engaged with conceptualism and procedure, whether generative or transfigurative. Even when these modalities of practice are far from being a subject or focus, they may be aestheticized and proposed as vital for any appreciation of the work in terms of its significance and affect. The critic or translator cannot fully understand or translate a programmed work unless they understand and translate its programming. In certain cases, concept and procedure may constitute the most important aspects of a work of linguistic art. This essay begins with ‘The Image’ in How It Is, a collaborative project by the author and Daniel C. Howe, and proceeds to identify a number of problems for translation – in general, but especially in the case of any work that is process-intensive or conceptual – that are brought out by the proposal that ‘The Image’ in How It Is should be ‘translated’ into French.

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 conceptual literature, digital literature, digital language art, e-literature, electronic literature, natural language processing, networked literature, procedural literature, process-intensive literature, programmable literature, translation, unconventional translation

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Brown University, Department of Literary Arts
John Cayley is a pioneering practitioner and theorist of digital language arts. He is also a poet, translator and small publisher with special interests in Chinese language and Chinese practices of writing. In 2001, he was the winner of the Electronic Literature Organization’s award for Poetry. He has published translations from Gu Cheng, Yang Lian, Bing Xin, and others, and assembled a book-length study of the artist Xu Bing. Recent and ongoing projects include How It Is in Common Tongues, a part of The Readers Project with Daniel C. Howe (, imposition with Giles Perring, riverIsland, and what we will. Cayley is Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University. He makes language art in programmable media: with code, network services, big data, and, most particularly at Brown, as writing for immersive stereo 3D audiovisual environments.

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